The benefits of owning the bagless vacuum cleaner

The market is full of different bagless vacuums and you might be wondering what are the benefits of owning that kind of cleaning machine. In this article I will reveal it to you in details.

1. They are more cost effective

Vacuum cleaner might not look like a big expense but if you calculate the costs of bags, electricity and other resources it use and multiple it with the number of times you use it per year the number can be quite high.

Bagless vacuums has lower operation costs because they simply do not need bags and are also designed to use less energy with more efficient motors and filtration systems.

2. They are easier to use

Modern bagless hoovers are usually much lighter than traditional carpet sweepers because they are made of new composite materials which are as strong as traditional materials (or even more) but much lighter. For example, Vax U90-MA-R is claimed to be the lightest full-size vacuum on the market.

Bagless vacuum cleaners usually have longer hose which is often telescopic and also longer cord so you can reach every corner even of the biggest rooms without unplugging the device. It is also very convenient for cleaning stairways and other places which are harder to reach with older hoovers.

3. They are easier to clean

The process of changing bag is usually messy task you probably hate. Fortunately, bagless cleaning devices are much easier to clean. You just need to hold the dirt container over a dust bin and press the ‘Clean’ button and it is ready for work.

4. They are more effective

The filtration system in bagless cleaners is much more effective than standard bag filter. The most popular filtration system is HEPA which removes all dirt from the air and also works antibacterial. It is great news for people sensitive to different allergens such as pet hair. HEPA also insures strong and constant suction through the whole lifetime of the machine. The most popular vacuums with HEPA filtration is Dyson DC19T2 which can be bought online with great discount.

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