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The Dyson DCT19T2 makes use of the same technology that the earlier vacuums did. This powerful cleaning tool provides the user with the tools to go over many different services. It is made from durable materials that allow the owner to keep the device in use for many years. The most important part of the system is the powerful cylinder that picks up a lot more dirt than a user might expect. The vacuum builds on the features that made the original Dyson vacuum powerful. The unit does not contain the ball that original Dyson is known for, but it has many attachments that make up for this lack.

The most important feature of the Dyson series vacuums s the HEPA filter and the powerful suction. The cylinder is a bagless option that reduces the maintenance cost of owning the vacuum. The initial cost of the vacuum is higher than a person might pay if he buys a brand new vacuum in a department store. The department store vacuum cleaners use bags, have less powerful motors and do not have the powerful cylinders. They also do not have the powerful HEPA filters that reduce allergy symptoms.

The Dyson DCT19T2 is made out of the same material used to make riot gear helmets and motorcycle safety gear. The body of the machine can endure the impact of many drops and falls. The owner does not want to subject the vacuum to this, but it does happen from time to time.

The most useful feature of this vacuum is the access it provides to many different tools. The tools let a person clean his couch, his carpets, stairs and many other hard to reach areas to the home. The height of the main vacuum head can be adjusted for different carpet heights. The dual mode floor tool lets the owner use the floor on the carpet and on hardwood floors. The vacuum can reduce the need for a person to sweep hardwood floors and reduce how often he needs to shampoo the floors.

The Dyson DCT19T2 comes with the same warranty that come with all of the company’s other products. The makers stand behind the product. If something should go wrong, the owner needs to let the manufacturer know. There are limits to what the warranty covers. No manufacturer’s warranty covers deliberate abuse. The extended warranty may cover a repairs from something that falls outside of the warranty.

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